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Mineral Recycling

Asphalt & Tar Recycling

Scrap Slab Asphalt

Scrap Slab Asphalt shall consist of slabs of assorted asphalt recovered from roadway pavement.

Recovered Asphalt Scrap

Recovered Asphalt Scrap shall consist of asphalt recovered from roadway pavement that has been processed into minus 2" chips.

Roofing Shingle Scrap

Roofing Shingle Scrap shall consist of assorted asphalt roofing shingle scraps.

Roofing Tar Chips

Roofing Tar Chips shall consist of clean uniform tar chips processed and sized to minus 1/2", recovered from processing scrap asphalt roofing shingles
Must be magnetically separated to remove roofing nails and other miscellaneous metals.

Tar Pot Scraps

Tar Pot Scraps shall consist of accumulated tar scraps generated from roofing tar pots, asphalt sealing materials, and tar storage tank cleanings

Pitch and Coal Tar Scrap

Pitch or Coal Tar Scrap shall consist of mill or refinery wastes that are classified as coal tars.

Other Asphalt & Tar Scrap

Other Asphalt & Tar Scrap may contain assorted asphalt or tar based materials no included in the listed grades.

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